Sometimes we pinch ourselves.

Like the title says, sometimes we pinch ourselves. The people we've met, and played for. The places we've been. The memories we have created. So many great things have happened to us since throwing this little group together over six years ago.

This is our first blog so it may ramble on, but give it a chance! I'll try to get one on the site as often as possible.

Before The Associates, we were all going about our daily lives, working in different fields while all the time playing in different cover bands and also original acts. Music was always in our veins in some capacity and although we were all doing good things, I felt that there was a place for us in the wedding and corporate field. There were already so many great musicians out there doing the corporate and wedding scene, but I felt that we could do great things by having a different approach. We were all tired of working our backsides off in the pub and nightclub scene - all of us started out in pubs and clubs, playing until the early morning hours, and then pulling up for work a few hours later. If there was a musical apprenticeship, this was it. So many lessons learned, many of them hard ones, but when we sit and chat and look back on those days, when smoking was legal in pubs and our clothes and gear reeked of smoke and sweat, I don't think any of us would change a thing. I might have taken up flute though - drum kits are heavy.

All of us met through music, and were in various bands over the years, sometimes playing in the same band, sometimes filling in and throwing together an act to fill in for another band that had not shown for whatever reason. We all had a common goal of wanting to do great things with music, and on some levels we achieved great things. We got to travel around Australia, and eventually to other countries. And after some 20 years or so, we still get on like brothers, and if anything, we get on better now than we did then.

So now that we are more "mature" and have all settled down, The Associates is our little band of goodness. Totally gluten, fructose and preservative free. We have worked hard to make sure each client we work with, whether it is a couple about to get married or a large company working on an annual conference, feels confident in booking us and knows that we are always committed to making the event a memorable one for all the good reasons.

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